Piz Umbrail e Punta di Rims

From the IV Cantoniera roadhouse on the Stelvio Road, park near the Swiss customs and head northwest on the marked trail that climbs the slope of Astras along the border between Italy and Switzerland. Here you pass the remains of Swiss field fortifications dating back to the Great War. Without difficulty, climbing the ridge between debris and rocks, you get to Piz Umbrail, an ideal point from which to observe the Stelvio area. From the top, continue southwest along a track that allows you to avoid the rough ridge. Once past the pass you drop down then climb to an altitude of 2,989 metres. Immediately after you descend further on the Grisons side to get around the towers. Back on the ridge, you climb with no particular difficulty to the Punta di Rims, then descend along a poorly marked path to the Bocchette di Forcola and take path N145 across the Forcola Valley until you reach the village of Solena.
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