Bormio, the Wellness Mountain

candid valleys, ancient history and the largest thermal centre in the Alps

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Bormio, the mountain of Wellness

Our millennial history begins with 9 natural thermal springs that make Bormio the largest thermal centre in the Alps and a destination for visitors from all over Europe since 500 AD.
Throughout its history, Bormio has become an unparalleled wellness resort in all the Alps and still carries out this mission today.

Immerse yourself in the essence of Bormio:

  • Relax in one of our 3 extraordinary spas.
  • Discover the candid valleys of the Stelvio National Park.
  • Visit the villages with the oldest history in the Alps.
  • Enjoy our sun-kissed ski slopes, in winter as in summer.
  • Ride the legendary Stelvio Passes, Gavia and Mortirolo.
  • Or try a plate of steaming pizzoccheri in our mountain huts.

Here you will find wellness, relaxation and unforgettable memories to always carry with you.

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Explore Bormio and its Surroundings

A land made for road cycling and mountain biking, spectacular hikes and relaxation in the spas. The choice is yours, be our guests!

Whether you are looking for an active mountain holiday or a wellness resort, Bormio is the place for you. With a vast array of things to see and do, you can build a holiday that suits you. It all starts here!

Unmissable Bormio

Unmissable Bormio

Ancient Thermal Waters Offering Timeless Relaxation

Bormio is the leading spa resort in the Alps, with nine natural springs and three spa centres. Come join us, immerse yourself in the waters.... and the history!

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Unmissable Bormio

Skiing in Bormio

People have been skiing in Bormio since skis were first invented! Every year and every day. On the glacier or in one of the resorts at Bormio, Santa Caterina Valfurva or Valdidentro, all with stunning scenery!

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Unmissable Bormio

Bràulio… Bormio’s Legendary Spirit!

 The secret recipe was handed down from father to son. Deep below the centre of Bormio are the fascinating cellars, filled with the enormous Slavonian oak barrels that are used to age the liqueur.

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Unmissable Bormio

Fancy a bike ride?

You are spoiled for choice! Legendary climbs, dedicated cycle paths, a selection of cross-country, enduro, downhill and gravity routes, and not forgetting options for e-bikes and fatbikes!

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Unmissable Bormio

Pizzoccheri: Bormio’s Answer to Pasta

It’s not Bormio without pizzoccheri. How do you make Bormio pizzoccheri? Discover their secrets with us.

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Unmissable Bormio

Epic Alpine Passes: Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo

Three names to stir the soul of everyone, not only cycling fans: Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo.

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Unmissable Bormio

Easter in Bormio, for the Pasquali Parade!

Of all of Italy’s many vibrant cultural traditions, the Pasquali parade is unique and is a wonderful way to discover the true spirit of Bormio.

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Big Events

From international sport to local traditions, from cookery to lifestyle. The events in Bormio never end, with something for everyone, including you!


We want to go beyond the ordinary, so we organise events and activities all year round to help you get a true taste of Bormio for yourself!

Bormio Lifestyle, a New Dimension to the Alps

Simple pleasures and unspoiled nature in the mountains. In Bormio, you will be welcomed with smiles and wide-open spaces. Immerse yourself in the traditions of the Valtellina and enjoy an authentic and always surprising mountain holiday.

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Bormio Style, for you and your followers

High-altitude cocktails, photos from infinity pools overlooking the countryside below, shopping in the centre of Bormio: a lavish holiday that will be the envy of your followers!

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Bormio Top 5

Our list of some of the best things to see and do in Bormio! A holiday in Bormio is always packed with fun and excitement; the only difficulty is choosing what you will do!

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Inspired by our Instagrammers

Incredible views and photos of delicious gourmet food, such as our famous pizzoccheri. Plus amazing cover photo shots, like the view from the infinity pool at the Bagni Vecchi di Bormio spa.

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Our Destinations

Five destinations. One holiday.

During your stay here, don’t miss the opportunity to visit all of our destinations. United by a shared Alpine spirit, yet each with their own unique charms. Bormio, Valfurva, Valdidentro, Valdisotto and Sondalo: together, they provide an authentic Alpine experience.

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The ‘Magnificent Land’ lives up to its name.

Bormio is a small Alpine town where the most important words are 'wellness' and 'relaxation'. Warm water flows from the thermal springs all year round, making this little town one of the most famous spa resorts in the Alps. The starting point for mountain walks and visits to the Stelvio National Park, Bormio is also very popular with cyclists and motorcyclists.

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The green heart of the Alta Valtellina region.

Get away from it all in the verdant surroundings of the Valdisotto an enchanting valley, just a few kilometres from Bormio. Unspoiled nature, wide-open spaces to explore and great food!

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From mountain hikes to thermal spas, the Valdidentro has it all.

How will you spend each day of your holiday in the Valdidentro? Go hiking and mountain biking all day, then come the evening relax in one of the spas. Heaven is a place on earth!

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Right in the centre of the Stelvio National Park

Captivating valleys with incredible Alpine landscapes, the subject of countless photos. The Valfurva is ideal for combining a holiday in the stunning surroundings of the Stelvio National Park with outdoor adventures in the Val Zebrù or over the Gavia Pass. And in winter it’s time to go skiing!

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Tiny mountain villages and the great outdoors

Sondalo, with its famous Villaggio Sanatoriale Morelli psychiatric hospital, is one of the most beautiful parts of this region. The perfect combination of art and nature for a cultural holiday in the great outdoors!

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The Stelvio Pass, a legend for everyone in Bormio

The Stelvio Pass is a magical, spellbinding place. The appeal is the same whether you choose to tackle it on foot, by bike, or even in a car or on a motorbike. In Bormio we are all enchanted by its mystical appeal.

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Santa Caterina Valfurva

Stunning Santa Caterina Valfurva 

It is not hard to see how this place captivates everyone who comes here. In Santa Caterina Valfurva, you can explore a pure, unspoiled landscape and savour the fresh mountain air.

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Parco nazionale dello Stelvio Parco nazionale dello Stelvio Valdidentro Bormio Valdisotto Sondalo Valfurva Livigno Tirano Svizzera Svizzera Bolzano Gavia St Moritz Milano Sondrio Santa Caterina Valfurva Stelvio

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