Mountain Hospitality in Bormio

A traditional welcome. In the mountain huts above Bormio, you get a true taste of Alpine life. Enjoy a steaming bowl of polenta, accompanied by a glass of fine red wine, then relax in a deckchair in the sunshine, in summer or winter!

Our alpine huts and restaurants are like wonderful mountain havens. Partly because when you see them in the distance you know you have nearly reached your destination. And partly because you know that your efforts will be rewarded with a good rest.

Mountain huts are a great place to enjoy the satisfaction of having reached your goal whilst reconnecting with your surroundings. You have really earned this! A delicious platter of local produce to enjoy whilst gazing at one of Italy’s biggest glaciers, the Ghiacciaio dei Forni.

A place to stay in a protected habitat, from the Valle dei Forni to the Val di Fraele 

Almost all of our mountain huts and restaurants are in the Stelvio National Park. These include those in the Val Zebrù, the Valle dei Forni, the Val Cedec and the Valle del Gavia, as well as the Val di Rezzalo and Valle di Fraele, all valleys which are characterised by diverse landscapes which all share the same unique Alpine flavour.

Outside of the Stelvio National Park, our mountain huts stand proudly in important natural landscapes, part of our rich Alpine heritage. These include the huts in the Val Viola, the Valle del Braulio and the Paluaccio di Oga reserve, which are home to important species of animals and plants that are internationally protected, such as the ptarmigan, the Alpine rush and the little linnea borealis or “twinflower”.

Before hitting the trails for a hike or a mountain bike ride, it is worth taking a moment to familiarise yourself with a few rules on how to be a safe and considerate mountain visitor.

Plan your route carefully

Do you know where there are open huts on the route? Have you checked that they are actually open? How far are they from your starting point? What will the weather be like up there or down here? Try to always ensure you choose a route that is suitable for you and your group’s physical capabilities. Always plan a walk based on the ability of the weakest member. The Bormio Alpine Guides are always on hand to answer any questions, so do not hesitate to get in touch with them.

Always keep to the footpath

Only use marked footpaths. As well as increasing the risk of injury, walk off the marked trail means you may trample on delicate protected plants and flowers, or disturb wild animals. Avoid dislodging any stones which could put other walkers at risk. Be careful on stony ground where even animals such as chamois can cause a rockfall.

Wear suitable clothing

Keep in mind that you are in a harsh alpine environment. Ensure that you always have suitable clothing with you, especially in case of unexpected weather changes. You should have suitable footwear, a waterproof backpack, sun cream, warm and windproof clothing, enough food and drink, a small first-aid kit, a map and a mobile phone.

Book ahead Ring the hut to book.

This summer, booking is mandatory in huts, both for overnight stays or just for lunch. Before setting off, remember to contact the hut and let them know that you are coming.


Passo dello Stelvio
Rifugio Garibaldi +39 0342904312


Valle dei Forni – Ortles Cevedale – Val Cedec
Rifugio Stella Alpina, Valle dei Forni – Valfurva, Tel. +39 0342925272
Rifugio Baita dei Forni, Località Forni – Valfurva , Tel. 0342935365
Rifugio Pizzini, Valle Cedec- Valfurva , Tel. +39 0342935513
Rifugio Casati, Valle Cedec- Valfurva, Tel. +39 0342 935507
Agriturismo Ables, Ables, Tel. +39 3397039222
Rifugio Branca, Valle dei Forni- Valfurva , Tel. +39 0342 935501

Val Zebrù
Rifugio Campo, Val Zebrù – Valfurva, Tel. +39 0342 929185
Rifugio Quinto Alpini, Località Val Zebrù – Valfurva , Tel. +39 0342929170

Passo Gavia
Rifugio Bonetta, Tel. +39 0364 91806
Rifugio Berni, Tel. +39 0342 935456
Agriturismo Malga dell’Alpe, Tel. +39 347 257 0023

Ristoro Albergo Paradiso, Località Plaghera – Valfurva , Tel. +39 0342 935417
Rifugio Sci 2000, Località Plaghera, Santa Caterina, Tel. +39 0342 925037
Sunny Valley Mountain Lodge, Santa Caterina Valfurva, Tel. +39 0342 935422
Ristoro Palù, Località Plaghera, Santa Caterina, Tel. +39 347 515 4083


Val Viola
Rifugio Viola, Val Viola – Valdidentro , Tel. +39 0342985136
Rifugio Baita Caricc, Val Viola, Valdidentro, Tel. +39 0342 189 0244
Rifugio Dosdè, Val Dosdè, Valdidentro, Tel. +39 340 468 0054

Località All – San Carlo
Baita de l'All, Località All, San Carlo, Tel. +39 338 797 5672

Laghi di Cancano
Rifugio Val Fraele, Cancano – Valdidentro, Tel. +39 0342 902459
Ristoro San Giacomo, Cancano – Valdidentro, Tel. +39 348 300 9920
Ristoro Monte Scale, Cancano – Valdidentro, Tel. +39 0342 904660
Chalet Villa Valania, Cancano – Valdidentro, Tel. +39 0342 919434 
Malga Trela, Cancano, Val Trela – Valdidentro, Tel. +39 340 6429847

Val Verva e Val Lia
Agriturismo Alpe Verva, Val Verva – Valdidentro, Tel. +39 3494354262
Alpe Boron, Val Lia – Valdidentro, Tel. 3470175594
340 7077315


Rifugio Baita Motin, Oga – Valdisotto, Tel. +39 3475892281
Chalet dei Rododendri, La Rocca Valdisotto , Tel. +39 0342905034


Val di Rezzalo
Rifugio La Baita, Val di Rezzalo – Sondalo, Tel. +39 03421895516

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