Fat Bikes, Mountain Bikes for the Snow

Mountain bikes on snow. In Bormio, you never have to stop peddling, not even in winter! In the stunning Valle dei Forni, the enchanting Val Viola, the tranquillity of the Val di Rezzalo or on the famous slopes of the Valle del Gavia, a ride on a fat bike or a fat e-bike is the ideal way to enjoy a sustainable and alternative winter holiday.

Riding a bike in the crisp mountain air, among the frost-covered trees and the sparkling snow, reaching picture postcard destinations and stopping off to refuel a mountain hut: the ideal alternative to a traditional skiing holiday. Since Bormio is an outstanding summer cycling destination, it is no surprise that when the snow arrives it is transformed into a winter wonderland for fat bikers.

Guided rides, even at night!

In Bormio, we organise guided fat bike and fat e-bike rides every day during the winter.
Scenic tours day and night, climbing the legendary Gavia Pass (closed to traffic in winter), adventures in the forest in search of the animals that live in the Stelvio National Park and refuelling in the finest mountain huts. With their “fat” tyres and large wheels, you can go anywhere on a fat bike more easily and with a much lower environmental impact. Even on trails which normally would not be accessible on a standard mountain bike. So, where shall we go today? Or this evening?

Even on a fat bike, helmets are required.
Wear warm and comfortable clothing, ideally winter cycling or cross-country skiing gear, dressing in layers (so you can add or remove layers depending on the temperature), warm and waterproof walking shoes, winter cycling or cross-country skiing gloves, goggles or sunglasses, a headband to cover your ears and a neck warmer.

Fat Bike in Santa Caterina Valfurva, a stand-out destination

 Santa Caterina Valfurva is the stand-out destination for fat bike rides All you have to know is that this resort has the ideal winter climate. The snow stays in perfect condition until the end of April! Not forgetting that Santa Caterina Valfurva lies in the heart of the Stelvio National Park. How about a fat bike “safari” tour to see the animals that live in the National Park? There is no better way feeling at one with nature.

We also recommend the tour that leads to the entrance to the majestic Forni valley, or tackling part of the legendary Gavia Pass, made famous by the Giro d’Italia. If you are looking for great views, the spectacular high altitude trail against the backdrop of Monte Sobretta is waiting for you! The prepared trails in Santa Caterina Valfurva and the Stelvio National Park range in difficulty level from easy, suitable even for children, to hard, aimed at more experienced fat bikers.

Fat Bike in the spectacular scenery of the Val Viola

The Val Viola is even more beautiful in winter. This natural amphitheatre features the picturesque summits of Cima Piazzi, Cima Viola and Cima Dosdè, accessed by the dedicated trail for fat bikes and fat e-bikes which makes for the perfect day in the saddle. It is an easy route with gentle inclines, suitable for children or less experienced cyclists, where you will have plenty of time to taken in the beautiful natural landscape around you.

Fat Bike in Val di Rezzalo, a wonder of nature

This hidden gem of the Stelvio National Park is less well known but its gorgeous scenery will take your breath away. The trail that winds its way through the dense forest offers an almost surreal degree of tranquillity, whilst the clusters of traditional little mountain huts, still used today during the summer, are equally charming.
The tour of the Val di Rezzalo is easy and suitable for all. If you are unsure of your fitness levels for this ride, we recommend a fat e-bike, the extra boost will help you enjoy the day without the effort.

Fat bikes and ski touring, a winning combination

What about using a fat bike to get closer to the summits? This is the latest innovation in the world of outdoor sports: a combination of a fat bike and ski touring to reach the summits. Use a fat bike, carrying your skis on your back, to cover the flatter parts of the journey. A much more sustainable alternative to heliski and one which does not tire you out too much, allowing you to get all the way to the very top!


Who organises the fat bike rides?

Fat Bike E-Motion organise tours and rides on fat bikes and fat e-bikes.

Where can I hire a fat bike or a fat e-bike?

You can hire these bikes in Bormio from Bormio Ski & Bike, in Santa Caterina Valfurva from Fat Bike E-motion.

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