Val Mora

From the parking area near the Church of San Giacomo di Fraele at Cancano, in Valdidentro, follow path N199 and you soon reach the Fraele Pass, the watershed between the basin of the Adda and the SpolInnDanube rivers. The trail descends for about 1 km, arriving at a fork. Take the righthand path towards the mouth of the Val Mora. Climb over the northern alluvial deposits of Val Paolaccia and cross the alluvial cone of Val della Casina to reach the Val Mora Pass. Once on Swiss territory continue along the wild gorge on the left bank of the stream until the last narrow section opposite the terrace of Il Grass. Crossing the bridge you reach the right bank of the river and, after a few hundred metres, you pass via Paluetta and cross the river that flows down from Doss dal Termel. A little further on, almost opposite the Val Murtarol, you emerge into the plains of the Alp Mora. This route is a part of the Alemagna Road Strada d'Alemagna, also called the 'Strada del Vino e del Sale' Wine and Salt Road.
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