The Top 5 Things to See in the Valdidentro

The Valdidentro is a valley which offers plenty of inspiration for explorers, here are our recommendations for some of the places that make it unique.

Five special things about the Valdidentro:

The Cancano Lakes

A place that will absolutely amaze you because after climbing the remarkable road that winds its way up around 21 hairpin bends from the valley floor, you will be met by one of the widest valleys in the Stelvio National Park, the Fraele valley with the two large man-made Cancano lakes.

Two flat gravel tracks run along the shores of the lakes, perfect for gentle family bike rides; close to the first lake, the Stelvio National Park offers a bike hire service and there are plenty of grassy areas where you can stop off for a picnic.

If you prefer walking to cycling, the nearby valleys are well worth an outing, such as the beautiful Val Trela where you will find the very welcoming Malga Trela, an old Alpine dairy which is now a restaurant, or the lonely Val Alpisella and the remote Valle del Gallo.

The Fraele towers, high altitude defences

If you are looking for one of the best viewpoints, the Fraele towers have to be on your list. Constructed in 1391, the towers guarded the old drove road, known as the Via Imperiale d’Alemagna, which Valtellina winemakers used to transport their produce across the Alps to Austria and Bavaria, whilst deliveries of salt came the other way from the salt mines at Hall in Austria.

The towers were part of a series of defences in the County of Bormio, and saw many bloody battles.

Enjoy the views and think of the guards who, in the Middle Ages, would watch over the passing traders and keep an eye out for any enemy armies.

Val Viola, explore this stunning valley

A wide, sun-drenched valley which we highly recommend because it represents the very essence of our land.

Ideal for walks and bike rides, it is a destination that is suitable for everyone.

The route leads through the ancient forests towards the high Alpine meadows where the valley’s aspect means that it gets plenty of sunshine. If, after lunch at the mountain hut, you still have enough energy, we recommend continuing up to Passo Viola, from where there is a breathtaking view over the valley on the other side, in Switzerland, known as the Val di Campo.

The Val Viola is a beautiful place for a bike ride and we recommend carrying on into Switzerland to the picturesque Lago di Saoseo with its crystal-clear waters.

The thermal springs, an essential part of Bormio’s heritage

If you are wondering how many thermal springs there are in the Bormio region, the answer is that there are nine, all in the Valdidentro.

The nine springs have interesting and evocative names such as Cassiodora, or Pliniana, which is named after Pliny the Elder. They are created by a rare geological phenomenon called the geothermal gradient which means that the springs are naturally warm, after flowing deep through the rocks of our mountains, with a temperature that varies according to the season between 36°C and 41°C.

Bormio’s spring water is used for spa treatments in the Bormio Terme spa.

Pedenosso church, an ancient Alpine fortress

An Alpine church just the way you imagined it! Perched on the mountainside and protected by a huge wall which betrays its past as a fortress, protecting the road to the Fraele towers.

With its distinctive onion dome tower, Pedenosso as one of the most photographed churches in the Bormio area and its interior features some stunning frescoes, including one depicting Adam picking the forbidden fruit, as well as a beautiful wooden ceiling.

Relax in the cool shade provided by the porticoes surrounding the church and enjoy the views.

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