The Top 5 Most Instagrammable Lakes Around Bormio

The beautiful Alpine lakes of the Valtellina are the perfect location to take some artistic photos for your social media. Shimmering pools of water reflecting the clouds, forests and mountains. See the impression your photos make in the number of likes you get.

All of the alpine lakes around Bormio are above 1800 m high. Normally you have to walk a little way to get to them. This means that not only do you get to visit some incredible unspoiled places, you can also take plenty of photos without having to worry about the crowds.

Come on, tell me about these lakes!

The Bei Laghetti

The Bei Laghetti are three Alpine lakes nestling among rocky crags at an altitude of around 2,700 m. The water in these little lakes is an incredible azure colour. Whilst the surroundings are undeniably Alpine, the astonishing colour of the water is more reminiscent of a tropical island.

Best time of year: the summer, when the bright blue colour of these lakes is at its brightest.

The easiest way to get to the Bei Laghetti and Laghetti di Profa is to take the Bormio Ski cable car to the summit of Bormio 3000. From the top of the lift, follow path S541 on foot or by mountain bike. The path is narrow and stony but it is not particularly demanding. The route is entirely downhill.

Lago della Manzina

Lago della Manzina, lying at 2,790 m, is in a secluded part of the Stelvio National Park notable for its peace, quiet and wonderful views.

Best time of year: summer, when the lake is completely free of ice. A photo of the sunrise over the lake will be a spectacular addition to your Instagram profile.

The path to the lake begins behind Rifugio Forni. Leave your car in the hut’s car park and follow the path signed for the lake. The route is quite challenging, particularly the final section which zig-zags its way up a grassy slope.

Lago di Campaccio

Lago di Campaccio sits in a wide glacial bowl at an altitude of 2,301 m, beneath the southern slope of the Cima Piazzi, high above the Valdisotto. The dark blue water shimmers in the sunshine, depending on the weather and the time of year. Perfect for your Instagram profile!

Best time of year: summer and autumn.

This beautiful mountain lake is not particularly difficult to get to from the village of Monte. The route starts at an altitude of 1,600 m and climbs steadily to the lake at 2,300 m. Along the way, you will see a number of traditional little mountain huts, fresh water springs, panoramic viewpoints and places of historical interest

The Cancano Lakes

The Cancano Lakes, at 1,902 m, are man-made lakes surrounded by an area of incredible beauty. Visitors are greeted by their enchanting turquoise waters, which are highly Instagrammable! They also a popular destination for cyclists who enjoy the high altitude but flat trails around the lakes.

Periodo migliore: novembre, quando i larici dai colori rosso fuoco contrastano cromaticamente con il colore verde acqua dei laghi.

To get to the lakes, take the road from Bormio towards Livigno and turn off at the village of Premadio, following the signs for the Torri di Fraele. During the summer, the road around the edge of the Cancano Lakes is closed to vehicles. If you are travelling by car, you can park near the Torri di Fraele or in the parking places between the A2A building and Rifugio Monte Scale. If you prefer to take public transport, the lakes are well served by buses from Bormio. In summer, there is also a shuttle bus service around the lakes. The bus leaves from the car park at the A2A building and tickets can be purchased onboard from the driver.

Lago di Val Viola

 The three little lakes in the Val Viola, two cobalt blue and the other azure, are the perfect background for your Instagram photos!

Periodo migliore: da luglio a novembre.

From the village of Arnoga, enter the Val Viola on the farm track. When you emerge from the dense pine forest, the views are incredible as the valley opens up and the landscape changes to more typical Alpine pastures.

What do you think? Have we inspired you? Choose the lake that most inspires you (or why not visit all of them?), take a trip and plenty of photos to publish on your Instagram! Don’t forget the hashtag #bormiowellnessmountain

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