E-bikes: For an Extra Boost in the Mountains

Mountain biking without the effort. At last, the great Alpine climbs of Stelvio, Gavia and Cancano are within your reach! With an e-bike, you can reach the top of the famous Alpine passes which have been the scene of great battles in professional cycling history. And there is more!

Bormio and the surrounding valleys are the destination for riding conventional or electric bikes. If you have always dreamed of climbing great heights but you do not feel quite up to it, then an e-bike is the solution for you! If you have thought about riding up the mountain bike trails in the Val Zebrù and the Val di Rezzalo in the Stelvio National Park but the effort required puts you off even before you start, then an e-bike is for you! If you want to tackle the hairpin bends up to Cancano without losing out on the magnificent views of the Bormio Valley, then choose an e-bike!

With the help that an e-bike provides, you really can ride anywhere. You do not need much: just a suitable bike for the trail and a little bit of fitness. From Bormio to Valfurva, from Valdidentro to Valdisotto as far as Sondalo, there are so many trails you can ride on e-bike. And after so much riding, you will be ready for lunch in a mountain hut!

Cancano by e-bike

The climb up to the Cancano Lakes has become one of the top rides in the area in recent years. Start from Fiordalpe on the road to Livigno, riding up the gentle, steady incline. The route winds its way around a series of hairpin bends, each one offering spectacular views over Bormio and the surrounding valleys. If you want to keep pedalling, there is a wonderful trail around the two artificial lakes, on this incredible Alpine plateau. 20 km of wide, gravel tracks with almost no ups and downs.

Perfect for a family ride with your children! In summer, the lakes are completely closed to cars. So what better time to go for a ride, exploring kilometre after kilometre of beauty at your own pace.

Passo Gavia for all

The climb of the Passo Gavia is a beautiful ride through the wildest valleys of the Stelvio National Park with views of the Forni glacier, one of the largest in the Alps. The route starts in Santa Caterina Valfurva and gradually gets harder the further you climb. You will realise how far you have climbed when, as you merge from the trees, the vegetation changes, become more sparse. This is the point when you should stop and admire the Valfurva. This route is suitable for keen and experienced cyclists.

Stelvio made easy by e-bike

Stelvio needs no introduction. Everyone knows that epic road, one which has created legends in the world of cycling, winding its way up 41 hairpin bends over 21 taxing kilometres. The gradient is not impossible but it seems that this Alpine pass will never end. Starting from Bormio, the road climbs a total of 1,533 m to the summit. This route is ideal for anyone who is a little bit fitter and who loves great scenery.

The panoramic Val Viola

One of the most beautiful roads in the Bormio area. There are no particularly difficult sections and it is suitable even for people taking their first ride on an e-bike and for families. The hardest section is the climb just before you reach the beautiful Lake Viola. But the beautiful scenery makes all the hard work really worthwhile.

Rezzalo effort-free

 Last but not least, the spectacular Val di Rezzalo, the jewel in the crown of the Stelvio National Park. After an initial section which climbs through the large forest past traditional little huts, the route gets easier and a 360° panorama opens up over the broad San Bernardo plain. It is one the most amazing routes in the Bormio area, both in summer and in winter. Even the most beautiful photos of this valley cannot express the thrill and surprise you feel when, emerging from the forest, the panorama opens up as far as the eye can see. Somewhere you absolutely have to visit!

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