Corneliani Ironworks

Summer opening 2022 TBD


The extraction and working of iron constituted for centuries a priority economic resource of the Bormiese area.
The oldest written evidence dates back to 1272 and refers to a kiln for the processing of the mineral of the Fraele valley located in Semogo in the locality of l'All. Other kilns were in Livigno and Cancano.
The ironworks of Premadio, active since 1852, had several furnaces, four hammers, a rolling mill and a workshop.
They processed up to 15 tons of ore a day thanks to the 400-500 workers involved in wood cutting, ore extraction and iron processing and transport.
They were decommissioned in 1875. Today the Cornelliani Ferriera hosts exhibitions, concerts, workshops and offers the possibility of guided tours and tastings during the summer season.

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Corneliani Ironworks

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