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The Stelvio Ski Run

The Stelvio ski run of Bormio is considered among the most technical and spectacular in the world. Theater of the downhill Men’s World Cup, it has hosted two editions of the Alpine Ski World Championships (in 1985, when it was built, and in 2005), and two finals of the World Cup (in 1995 and 2008).

The trail

Here are the numbers for the Stelvio ski run: the departure is at an altitude of 7398 feet (2255 meters), just below the top of Monte Cimino. The route length is almost 10597 feet (3230 meters), with an altitude difference of 3235 feet (986 meters) and a maximum slope of 60%. The arrival is directly in the town of Bormio, at an altitude 4019 feet (1225 meters). The start is crucial in order to capture speed and the two curves that lead to the Rocca jump are very demanding. From there it proceeds towards the small channel Sertorelli, the Fontana Lunga, up to the tricky corners of Ermines, to finish in the traverse of the Carcentina, one of the most spectacular areas of the entire strip. After passing the village of Ciuk it’s time for the wall of St. Peter that leads to the last jump before the finish line.

Peak To Creek

If you want to challenge the legendary Stelvio ski run, we look forward to seeing you every year in January  for the Peak to Creek race. This race is decidedly atypical and unique for its kind: 1800 m of descent, 30 directional gates to indicate the course and departure in pairs. What’s important is not the competition, but to test yourself, and to have fun!


audi fis ski world cup: bormio 2017

The Audi FIS Ski World Cup is back on the Stelvio slope of Bormio. After three wonderful editions on the Dopo Deborah Compagnoni slope of Santa Caterina […]

Audi FIS Ski World Cup in Bormio

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