| Scimudìn, slinziga and Stelvio Beer
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Pizzoccheri, Sciatt, Bresaola, Bisciöla, Polenta and stew are the basis of the typical cuisine of Bormio. Would you like to try instead three local gastronomic specialties not so well known but surely just as delicious? Then you must try Scimudin, Slinziga, Stelvio Beer, and Brielli sweets!

Scimudin, our cheese

Scimudin literally means “wedge”, due to its small size. The minimum aging is 10 days, it has a soft texture and the flowery rind is eaten freshly grated. It is a blessing after a meal, as the old saying goes “la bóka non è štraka se non sa de váka!”, which is to say, that the mouth isn’t satisfied until it tastes the cheese.


Slinziga can be made of beef, horse, or deer meat. It is quite similar to the Bresaola, but smaller. Flavored with salt, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, bay leaf, and pepper, it offers a strong taste and an intense fragrance. It is ideal for an aperitif accompanied by a nice glass of red wine.

100% Bormio, the Stelvio Beer

As an alternative to the excellent wines from the Valtellina, would you fancy a nice cold beer? The Stelvio Beer is produced by the company Peloni, the same one that produces the after dinner drink Braulio. In addition to the classic Lager, you will also be able to enjoy a Dahu (double malt red beer), Weizen, Pilsner, Saraceno (made with buckwheat), and the Re-beck (Maris Otter malt base), in addition to organic beer.