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Climbing: competition between man and nature

Climbing, both on rock in the summer and on ice in the winter, is a exciting challenge that pits man against nature, with all her strengths and with all his limitations. If climbing a rocky wall during the summer months is thrilling, both outdoors and indoors, imagine the winter excitement of challenging the frosty cold to reach the top of a waterfall of ice!

The water becomes ice

The beautiful summer waterfalls of cool and crystalline water change in winter to become motionless towers of ice, clinging to the cliffs. The summer streams, lush and roaring down the mountains, hibernate in winter, resting motionless, having turned into a rigid material—but only up to a certain point. The ice, in fact, it is not like the rock; its density and its consistency will vary depending on the weather, and precisely for this reason, one climb on ice will never be the same as another—you can repeat the same ice climbing route several times and find completely different characteristics each time.

Alpine Guides

Immersed in the absolute silence of the white padded landscape, in direct contact with nature and the beautiful winter scenery of the Stelvio National Park, you will have the opportunity to test yourself with crampons, ice axes, ropes, and ice screws. These climbs are not reserved for a few elite athletes, but while a certain physical and mental predisposition is needed, with the help of an Alpine Guide, many if not all, can safely experience the exhilaration of ice climbing. We always recommend that you contact an Alpine Guide before before climbing on the local ice.



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