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The abundant snowfalls that cover the peaks and surrounding slopes above Bormio, create perfect conditions for those who enjoy backcountry skiing. The best periods are those from late winter into spring, when the snow is well established and offers countless opportunities to make magnificent excursions.

Excitement in fresh snow

The practice of backcountry skiing offers extraordinary thrills, placing the skiers that practice it in a privileged relationship with nature, while enjoying pleasant temperatures and evocative landscapes. Backcountry skiing is a tiring sport, but the excitement and beauty are undoubtedly worth the effort. Requiring high physical effort, backcountry skiing permits one to have a very intimate relationship with one’s skis, returning to skiing’s original essence of close contact with the surrounding habitat.
In recent years the number of those who devote themselves to backcountry skiing has grown significantly. To practice backcountry skiing there must be some basic preparation, in addition, one must obtain all the required safety equipment, and in the case you want to visit little known areas, it is always worth taking advantage of the local Alpine Guides, who can organize individual or group outings.

Alpine Guides and Itineraries

Alpine Guides are a valuable resource for those who are looking for original ideas, to help identify paths less frequented, which have varying degrees of difficulty, and which require different levels of preparation.

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The mountains of Bormio give you a wide range of opportunities for ski mountaineering.

Ski touring in Bormio

There is an excellent resource available to help you better plan your routes: through the website you will have the opportunity to explore online the set […]

Ski mountaineering routes

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