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Bormio and the Alta Valtellina are the ideal places for all sports; from those more dynamic to those that require more attention and concentration, such as the archery. Archery is one of the most ancient sports in history: the first representation of a bow dates back to more than thirty thousand years ago. In fact, since the Paleolithic era, humans have used the bow and arrow for hunting. Today, archery is an Olympic sport, and one in which the Italians have always excelled.

A field in the green

In Bormio, on via Battaglione Morbegno near the departure station for the gondola from Bormio to Bormio 2000, there is a practice field for archery. It is open during the summer season, from June to October, and offers manytargets placed at different distances.

Imagine, archery in the wonderful atmosphere of the mountains, immersed in the silence of the Stelvio National Park: among green meadows, lush and blooming, with a splendid view of the Mount Vallecetta and the slopes of the Bormio ski runs as a backdrop.

Company of Archers

If words like dragona, patelletta, quiver, riser, viewfinder, and clicker mean little to you, don’t worry: the Company of Archers of Bormio will be at your disposal to help you to learn the rudiments of this beautiful sport and to become an apprentice Robin Hood. Suitable for everyone, children and adults, this sport is suggested for anyone looking for a relaxing activity, but at the same time requires precision and concentration.