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Quarta cantoniera Passo dello Stelvio – Umbrail Pass or Giogo di Santa Maria – Piz Umbrail – Val dal Lai – Lai da Rims – Val Vau – Val Mora – Passo Val Mora – San Giacomo di Fraele

This is the Coppi peak of this guide- book and maybe also the most difficult one due to its hard 500 m climb, which force you to carry your bike most of the time while paying attention to the difficulties you may find on high mountains. Why all this toil? To reach the top and enjoy the wonderful 360° sight over the mountains near and far: the Stelvio valley with the Ortles, the ridge of Scorluzzo and Monte Braulio, Val Muraunza that goes down to Mustair and Val Dal Lai, through which we will descent.

And most of all the marvellous and long downhill ride on single trail to the azure lake of Rims and the climb through Val Mora to return back to Italy to Cancano lakes. The starting point is from the fourth road inspector’s house of the Stelvio Pass (2488 m), then you enter the Swiss territory and take the trail after the pass which climbs just after the refreshment point (sign with indication “Piz Umbrail”). You cannot cycle on the first part of the trail because of the ground. Further on it gets better up to the end of the meadow and at the beginning of the gravel cliff. From here on you have to carry your bike with your hands at first and then on your shoulders: with the help of the fixed rope you have to cross some passageways covered with stones. After taking the usual photos at the top of Piz Umbrail (3033 m), the downhill ride begins in the saddle of your MTB. On the first part of the route a succession of steep switchbacks with a lot of moved rocks makes the descent a bit difficult. Then the ground becomes solid and the trail more regular and flowing up to the shores of the Lago di Rims (2396 m), where the route becomes a grassy path. Then you turn right and ride on many hairpin turns until you meet the road of Val Vau at 1940 meters coming from Santa Maria in Val Mustair (Canton Grisons). The climb up to the 2200 meters of the Alp Clastra is waiting for you until you start riding slowly downhill into Val Mora and reach the lakes of Cancano in San Giacomo di Fraele (1952 m)

Distance: 26 km 304 m

Level difference: 1100 m

Duration: 6 – 7 hours

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