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Stelvio Pass – Garibaldi mountain hut – Umbrail Pass or Giogo di Santa Maria – Bocchetta di Forcola – Bocchetta di Pedenoletto – Malga Pedenolo – Alpe Solena – Bosco Piano – Statale dello Stelvio

This is an itinerary rich in history and nature and affording lunar landscapes. A theatre of battles during the First World War, the surrounding mountains still preserve the entrenchments and military emplacements nearby the pastures full of flowers and perfumed herbs and the Ortles glaciers. The descent is a concentrate of all the best a biker can ever desire: “single trail” at first and military road with regular sloping, then technical trail and again steep gravel dirt road.

From Piani di Pedenolo and accompanied by the sight of Cima Piazzi and the Bernina group, you descend along the formerly traced roads built for the downhill transport of the iron ore, which used to be mined from these mountains.The start is from Stelvio Pass (2758 m) by carrying your bike up to the Rifugio Garibaldi (2838 m). Just behind on your left _ and towards north-east you take the trail descending with well-traced switchbacks to the Pass Umbrail/Giogo di Santa Maria (2501 m). Here on your right begins a nice single trail (sign Way n. 145), which cannot always be easily ridden, leading you to Bocchetta Di For- cola (2765 m) with rises and falls. The route goes eastwards downhill the length of the same-name valley on the track passing in front of the old barracks and getting to a crossroads soon afterwords. You follow the trail n. 145 on your right along the easy alternative way into the Valle della Forcola, or you continue on the main track on your left (sign Way n. 146) along a bumpy and rocky sideway trail leading to Bocchetta di Pedenoletto (2790 m). From here on the trail becomes a mule-track and goes down to Bocchetta di Pedenolo (2703 m) and then to the Alpine hut of the same name (2394 m) with a regular track full of hairpin turns. This is an easy, relaxing, and panoramic stretch. Then the trail suddenly gets steeper for 3 km, with narrow switchbacks as well as some difficult and overhanging passages and reaches the valley bottom with a 400 m elevation loss. Here (2070 m) it joins the easy dirt alternative road leading to Solena and then to Bosco Piano steeply sloping down. If you want to return on the Strada Statale dello Stelvio (1554 m) you have to turn back uphill for 1 kilometre.

Distance: 24 km 832 m

Level difference: 1340 m

Duration: 5 – 6 hours

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