| Course 2
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Centro Fondo Biathlon – Oga – Valcepina – Bormio – S.Nicolò – Valle d’Uzza – Bormio – Le Motte – Centro Fondo Biathlon

Starting from the Centro Fondo e Biathlon di Isolaccia (the Nordic ski and Biathlon Center of Isolaccia), in Valdidentro, follow the ski track (dirt road) until it reaches the village of Le Motte, in Valdisotto. From this point, it proceeds toward the village of Oga. From the center of Oga continue toward Calosio, from where the road begins a loose, slippery downhill on a dirt road—that leads to the area near the natural springs used for Levissima bottled water—and continue until you reach the village of Valcepina.

Climb a challenging mule track until it reaches the village of Dosso from where it descends toward the sports fields in S. Lucia. At the intersection of state road that leads to Bormio, after the underpass, take the bike path “Alute”where after 1 km, you go to the left onto the gravel road that leads to Bormio, arriving near the ski lift area. Follow the via Funivia and go straight until the church of Sassello, where the trail starts that leads to Uzza, inValfurva.

From Uzza, you will cross the bridge and after a short and challenging climb you reach the main road to S. Nicolò. From here, near the church, turn left toward the village of Teregua, crossing the military road of the Ables, and proceeding in the direction of valle d’Uzza. After a section of single track in the woods of the Reit, the trail becomes a forest service road, and you continue until the Baitin del Mago (the magicians hut). From this point, turn left and descend until you arrive in Piazza del Kuerc, in Bormio.

Pass through the town until you will at the Pentagon area and, in the vicinity of the river Adda, you take the bike path that leads to Premadio in the village of Planecc, where you enter a thick forest between the hills, then enjoy the ups and downs of the roller ski track until you reach Le Motte.  From this point, retrace your path from the start of the ride to return to the Centro Fondo Biathlon.

Distance: 21.7 miles (35 km)
Climb: 3133 feet (955 meters)
Difficulty: Medium
Riding Time: racer 2 h 30′ – amateur 3 h 00′ – tourist 4 h 00′