| Walking to the Hot Spring "Pliny the Elder"
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Located in the Stelvio National Park on the southern slope of Mount Reit, the Fonte Pliniana (Plinian Spring) is immersed in a romantic park. The area is freely accessible and is situated between the spa resorts of the Bagni Nuovi and the Bagni Vecchi.

The woods that lead to the Fonte Pliniana were planted in the Nineteenth Century to make the area more welcoming for the guests staying at both spa resorts.

Today, the rich alpine vegetation of this area is composed of pine, larch, fir, mugo pines, heather, and also hosts several species of Mediterranean flora, which are able to grow thanks to the particularly temperate micro climate which is a product of the hot waters and from the excellent solar exposure.

Fonte Pliniana (Spring of Pliny the Elder)

Guests of Bormio can take relaxing walks, following the 5 miles (8 km) of trails in the park.

Among the most fascinating hiking destinations is one that is completely flat and leads from the Bagni Nuovi to the Fonte Pliniana, which is dedicated to Pliny the Elder, who was the first author to mention the hot springs of Bormio. After a stretch of road between high fir and larch trees, you enter the gorge of the Adda River. At the end of the trail you will find a particular artificial cave built around the Fonte Pliniana, from which the hot water flows. The walk takes about 20 minutes.

It is the ideal place to gather your ideas and to immerse yourself in an intimate and deep dimension; fully in contact with nature and its essential elements: earth, water, sky, and trees. It is an evocative experience, to enjoy in quiet solitude or in the company of a special friend.