5 evening activities for the winter

In the evening Bormio and its valleys offer a range of unforgettable activities. No sitting at home on the sofa!

Staying in on the sofa is unthinkable when here in Bormio you can do something different every evening. Especially when you’re here on holiday, with no constraints or demands on your time...

Here are the top 5 evening experiences that you absolutely have to try.

Night skiing

If you like skiing, you’ll love night skiing.

Here in Bormio you can hit the slopes at night on two World Cup pistes: the legendary Stelvio Piste in Bormio and the piste dedicated to the multiple gold medal winner Deborah Compagnoni in Santa Caterina Valfurva. It’s a unique experience, everything silent and dark, lit only by the moon and stars... and the piste floodlights!

With all senses heightened by the peace and quiet of the night, skiing at night is different. It will feel almost as if you are floating on the snow, still soft and perfectly groomed for the occasion.

Apres-night ski is a given, and there is a great atmosphere at the open refuges, where you can warm up and enjoy the beautiful panorama of our valleys at night.

Snowshoeing at night

Around the Bormio area there are numerous opportunities for snowshoeing excursions, even at night. In the winter the local Alpine Guides will help you discover the magic of snowshoeing along the trails of the Stelvio National Park, enveloped by the silence of nature, in the unique atmosphere that you only find on a snowy mountainside at night.

Snowshoeing at night is without a doubt an unmissable opportunity to experience the mountains in winter under the moon and stars.

Dinner on the mountain with a snow cat ride

A ride on a snow cat is something to try at least once in your life.

You and your friends will love it. This unusual mode of transport will take you up the piste, through a silent landscape of snow sparkling in the moonlight until you reach the mountain refuge. When you arrive you can enjoy the mountain atmosphere of a warm welcome, roaring fireplaces and the authentic flavours of our traditional dishes as well as spectacular views lit by a starry sky. A perfect way to spend an evening with family or friends filled with traditional Alpine atmosphere.

How can I book the ride on a snow cat? You can book this activity directly with the organizers. In Bormio you can contact: Chalet dei Rododendri, Ristoro I Laghetti e Chalet La Rocca. In Santa Caterina Valfurva: Sunny Valley Kelo Resort.

Sledging in Val di Rezzalo

It’s always a good time to get together, eat and have fun. And if you followed it with a sledge ride through a snowy forest? Well that would definitely make it an evening to remember!

When was the last time you went sledging? You’ll feel a little awkward at first, and will probably take a tumble. But you’ll have time to get used to it. And then it’s all downhill from there! Literally. The Val di Rezzalo sledge run is the longest in the Bormio area. At 4km and with a 350m height difference in descent on a road covered in snow, in the dark of the night.

Pure, unadulterated fun, whatever your age.

How can I book the sledge ride? You can book the activity directly with the organizers: Rifugio La Baita.

Relaxation and wellness under the stars

A soak in the ancient hot thermal waters is a fantastic way to finish your day. It’s like an evening shower, relaxing and revitalising! Just add the natural caress of the thermal waters and the feeling of immense wellbeing that comes from admiring the spectacular Alpine scenery from one of the outdoor pools. It’s an evening of pure relaxation, enriched by an aperitivo in a bathrobe with some sparkling wine and local delicacies. What more could you want?

Or you could take advantage of the evening opening at Bormio Terme, with jacuzzis, saunas and the unmissable apericena (a cross between aperitivo and dinner) at the Bistrot with delicious bites and a toast with your friends.

Contact our three thermal spas and take some stress-free time just for you!

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