Easter parade in Bormio: an ancient tradition called "I Pasquali"
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sfilata dei pasquali bormio


I Pasquali” is the traditional Easter parade that every year takes place in the Medieval alpine town of Bormio.

The Easter parade “I Pasquali”: what is it?

The name “I Pasquali” refers to elaborated floats with a religious theme which are created by local craftsmen and youngsters in order to be carried on the streets during Easter day along the traditional Easter parade. Those amazing decorated pieces of art are made of wood and they take several months of hand crafting.

The floats are carried on the young men’s shoulders who get accompanied by the women, the elderly and children, all strictly dressed up in the traditional costumes.

The Easter parade triggers the competition among the five reparti (disticts) of the town (MaggioreDossorovinaBuglioComboDossiglio) which put their greatest effort in order to get the title of best Easter float.

The origin of the Easter parade in Bormio

The Easter parade in Bormio is a centennial tradition whose origin must be attributable to the ancestral Easter custom of the sacrifice of lamb.

The Pasquale used to be a wooden construction where the people of Bormio would lie down the sacrificed lamb to be offered to God. The desire to make the float look nicer has always been very important to the people and this desire has never vanished throughout all these years. Today the Easter parade has lost its original meaning but the competion of the floats is still stong among the districts.

easter parade bormio

The Easter parade is all about details

In the Easter parade of Bormio nothing is left to chance. The procession starts with the symphony orchestra, then the people on horse and the coaches. Those are followed by the floats that are carried on the men’s shoulders. Families, children and folk groups join the parade making this rendez-vous even more evocative. Everyone wears the traditional costume. The men show off their muscles by lifting the heavy floats and the women complete the picture bringing flowers and handcrafted products.

The jury will vote for the best Pasquale based on different factors: the religious meaning, the art value of the piece but also the posture and dressing of the participants.

la sfilata dei pasquali

la sfilata dei pasquali: la filarmonica




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