Ski mountaineering in Bormio: the recommended itineraries
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sci alpinismo a bormio


The mountains of Bormio give you a wide range of opportunities for ski mountaineering.

Since we are dealing with an endurance sport, if you are a novice, take it easy when starting this discipline. Be conscious that it is a wonderful sport, suitable for anyone, but that must practice step-by-step in order to train your aerobic and anaerobic skills. If you stick to your perseverance and willpower you are going to get the results.

Ski mountaineering: caution and safety

With this article we would like to suggest two classic itineraries to do in one day. Remember that you are going to be in the wild outdoors and therefore it is fundamental to have the proper gear: skimo skis and boots, ski poles and skins.

Even though it’s a sport for everyone, we suggest you to practice with a mountain guide or ski instructor. Also, it’s important to have the proper gear which, in case of avalanche, will give you the chance to self-rescue. You must have: backpack with beacon, probe and shovel.

sci alpinismo a bormio con la guida marco confortola. ski mountaineering

Ski mountaineering: the top itineraries curated by Alta Valtellina Outdoor

If you are looking for a complete overview of the skimo itineraries around Bormio, go to the website where you are given the chance to take a look at the interactive maps of Alta Valtellina Outdoor.


Skimo itineraries

Following our recommended itineraries for ski mountaineering.

Giro Felice

  • Itinerary: Isolaccia – Prescedont – Ciuk – Pone – Ponte Felice – Palancana
  • Journey period: December – April
  • Lenght: 8 km, 366 m
  • Duration: 3h – 4h
  • Max and min atitude: 2,191 m – 1,380 m

Download the itinerary in pdf format: Giro Felice

Tour de Trosc

  • Itinerary: Bormio – Piatta – Baite di Lecia – Bormio 2000
  • Journey period: December – April
  • Lenght: 6 km, 472 m
  • Duration: 2h – 3h
  • Max and min altitude: 2,043 m – 1,196 m

Download the itinerary in pdf format: Tour de Trosc

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