6th – 22nd February 2026

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Alpine skiing and ski mountaineering are the Olympic disciplines that will take place in Bormio during the next Winter Olympics in Milan Cortina 2026. Ski mountaineering is an Olympic discipline for the first time in Milan Cortina 2026. Medals will be awarded in five specialties.



Regarded as the Teatro Alla Scala of winter sports, the Stelvio slope in Bormio, is one of the most scenic, technical, and challenging ski slopes globally. The route develops for 3,186 metres with an overall height difference of 987 m, with a maximum incline of 63%. Among the most challenging parts of the track is the San Pietro jump, a 55% incline slope that opens up an approximate 40-meter chasm under the athlete’s skis, allowing them to land at speeds above 140 km/h.
In 1985 and 2005, it hosted the Alpine Ski World Championships.
Since 2007, the track has been illuminated and has been approved for night races.

In 2023, the legendary Stelvio track celebrated its first 30 years of speed racing. The ski slopes of Bormio have fully entered among the legendary stages of the Ski World Cup. Since 1993, the Stelvio has stood out for having written some of the most beautiful and significant pages of Alpine skiing, permanently entering the Cup circuit of the male world. Champions such as Deborah Compagnoni and Pietro Vitalini were born on these slopes, and the images of the legendary descent of Alberto Tomba who won the title in 1995 are still indelible today.

The Bormio slope will host the men’s alpine skiing competitions. The first race will be the Downhill on February 8, 2026.



Ski mountaineering will be an Olympic discipline. Milan Cortina 2026, in Bormio, will write a page in the history of the Winter Games by adding this sport to the programme.

Ski mountaineering is a particularly popular sport in Italy, with deep historical and sporting roots in the Alpine regions. In the last 10 years, the number of practitioners has increased from 33,000 in 2010-11 to 94,500 in 2019-20. On a competitive level, the Italian team has brought home 63 medals in 11 editions of the World Championships, starting with the first in Serre Chevalier in 2002. At national level, the discipline is managed by Fisi, while at international level by the International Ski Mountaineering Federation.

In February 2024, Bormio hosted the Junior Ski Mountaineering World Cup, an event in view of the Olympic competitions which will see the Stelvio slope as the protagonist in a new version.

In 2026, it will become an Olympic discipline for the first time and will award medals in 3 specialities: Men's Sprint, Women's Sprint and a Mixed Relay.


The XXV Winter Olympic Games will be held from 6 to 22 February 2026; Bormio is preparing to be among the great protagonists of Milano Cortina 2026.

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