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Valdisotto, a narrow corridor of land by the river Adda, connects Bormio with the rest of the Valtellina.

It is also known as the “entrance” or doorway to the “magnificent land.”

The natural environment, with its lush woods, many valleys, lakes, streams, and natural springs, including that from which is bottled Levissima water, which has its headquarters in Valdisotto.

Activities for all, 365 days a year

Valdisotto offers plenty of opportunities for everyone, both in summer and in winter. The summer season is ideal for the hikes in the Stelvio National Park and the Natural Reserve of Paluaccio, which is located in the village of Oga, near Fort Venini, a military fortress built at the beginning of the 20th century.

For those seeking speed on asphalt, one needs only to go to the kart track in Cepina.

Valdisotto, beauty and fun

During Winter, you can do everything here, including skiing and snowshoeing.

The ski slopes,which are spacious and well-groomed, and await you on the slopes of S. Colombano, Oga, and Le Motte, which link up with the slopes of the Cima Piazzi/Happy Mountain area of Valdidentro, and create an area suited to anyone, from beginners to experts.
Two amazing examples of the beauty of Valdisotto are Trail Calosio and the Bike Trail Valtellina, perfect to enjoy nature, by foot or by bike.

Very impressive are also Santa Maria Church and Ossuary in Cepina and the village of  Monte , that in Winter has a fabulous scenery. 

Discover Valdisotto

The cultural life in Valdisotto is lively, with many conferences and concerts.

Very beautiful and characteristic of Valdisotto are the festivals and feasts, both alpine and those in towns, including the Blue Night in Cepina and the Feast of Perseghin which takes place at Oga in the month of August.

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Visit the website of the Pro Loco in Valdisotto