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Valdidentro is located in the heart of the Alta Valtellina, about halfway between the town of Bormio and the area extra-customs of Livigno, and only a few steps away from Switzerland.

Located in the heart of the Rhaetian Alps, within the Stelvio National Park, Valdidentro is the largest municipal territory in the Province of Sondrio, and is a holiday destination for the whole family, both in summer and winter.

Life in the open air in all seasons

Under the silent guard of the Cima Piazzi, the Foscagno group of mountains, the towers of Fraele, and the splendid Church of SS. Martino ed Urbano in Pedenosso (click here for the virtual tour of all the Valdidentro’s churches), the valley offers plenty of opportunities for everyone who loves the outdoor life. In summer, there are numerous trails along the Val Violathe Val Lia, and the Valley of S. Giacomo, with its two hydroelectric dams, that are ideal for hiking and mountain biking.

Discover the main routes and bike paths in Valdidentro

In the winter, there is sport par excellence and skiing in all its facets, but with an eye on Nordic skiing with the Viola ski track, and its biathlon facilities, which are the only center in Lombardy. Starting from the 1980’s, there has been extensive development of downhill skiing with the construction of the ski lifts on Mount Masucco, which link up with the ski area of Valdisotto, and together comprise the district of Cima Piazzi S. Colombano.

Very interesting and different is the facility at Arnoga, which permits winter excursions with dog sleds, and summer excursions of husky trekking, both along the path of the Decauville, a beautiful hike that traverses Valdidentro to the road to Lake Cancano.

Bagni Nuovi and Bagni Vecchi: relaxation millennial

And finally, with an eye for relaxation and well-being, Valdidentro has two spa resorts: Bagni Nuovi (the new baths) and Bagni Vecchi (the old baths), which are ideal for those who, after a day of intense activity, have the desire to be pampered by the warm waters of a natural spa, known since the age of the Romans.