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The Venosta Valley

The Venosta Valley, in the region of Trentino Alto Adige, extends from 1312 feet (400 meters) above sea level up to 13,123 feet (4000 meters) of altitude, stretching from the apple orchards in the valley to the snow-capped peaks. The Venosta Valley, which extends from Resia Pass to the city of Merano, is famous for being the granary of the Tyrol. Today, the main economic activity is agriculture, followed by tourism.

Among the valley’s most characteristic locations are Sluderno, with the fortress of Coira Castle, Marienberg, with its white convent, and Tubre, a small village on the border with Switzerland and home to the Monastery of St. John of Müstair, a UNESCO world heritage site. Of interest near the city of Curon andResia pass is the famous Lake Resia, with its submerged campanile. And we must not forget the city of Lasa, with its white marble quarries, or the city of Trafoi, gateway to the Stelvio National Park and birthplace of Gustav Thöni, ski champion of the Valanga Azzurra (blue avalanche). Trafoi is on the Stelvio Pass road which connects the Venosta Valley with the Valtellina.

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Glorenza, small medieval village in the mountains

Glorenza, a unique town in the Val Venosta, located at 2975 feet (907 meters), is famous for being the smallest town in the South Tyrol. The medieval village has a perfectly preserved perimeter wall, three imposing towered gates, narrow alleys and elegant palaces and it’s the only town in the region with arcades, that cross the whole town from east to west.

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