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The Neuschwanstein Castle, built at the end of the XIX century, is located in the southwest of Bavaria near Füssen, in the locality of Schwangau, near the castle of Hohenschwangau. Commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria as his personal retreat, the construction began in 1869 and ended in 1884. The building was erected directly on the live rock and in a panoramic position, but the building had no defensive ambitions, lacking any type of fortification. Its elongated structure, with the numerous towers, ornamental pinnacles, balconies, and sculptures is a true continuation of the surrounding mountains.

Inside, the building had about 200 rooms including the Throne Room, the Bedroom of Ludovico II, the Room of the Singers, and the Cave, plus several areas for guests and for the servants. Everything was decorated using the themes of the works of Richard Wagner, towhom Ludovico II wished to pay homage. Another special feature of the castle is the fact that, despite the neo-gothic appearance, it boasted every type of comfort for that time period, including running water, telephone, and service elevators.

The castle of fairy tales

Known as the castle of Walt Disney, as it was used it as model for some of Disney’s most renowned cartoons – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. Several films have been shot in its interior, and it has always been a favorite subject for puzzles and posters. To see the castle in all its splendor, we recommend you stop on Marienbrücke (Maria’s bridge) which crosses the gorge of Pöllat.

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