| The Adda River, Rafting and Canoeing
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The Adda, the river of the Valtellina

The Adda river originates on Monte Alpisella, in the valley of the same name, which lies between Livigno and the Cancano lakes. Below the Cancano lakes the Adda descends the Valley of Fraele and reaches Bormio, where it joins the waters of the stream Frodolfo. Its course runs the entire length of the Vatellina, down to the city of Colico, where pours into Lake Como. Below Lake Como, the Adda continues and becomes a tributary of the Po river. With its 194 mile (313 km) length, it is the fourth longest Italian river.

Rafting and canoeing: excitement in contact with nature

In some places the Adda River has excellent rapids, ideal for rafting and canoeing/kayaking, so much so that in June, 2014, the Valtellina hosted the World Canoe/Kayak Championship.

Rafting provides for river trips for a group on a boat—the raft—which is propelled by the crew and guide using paddles. The canoe/kayak isusually for a single person, and you can take lessons to learn how to handle it on the river.

The stretch of the Adda River from Stazzona to Castione Andevenno is suitable for everyone, from children to elders, as there are several routes of different difficulty. It is always recommended that you be accompanied by an expert and qualified guide, to help enjoy the river adventurous river environment of the Valtellina in full safety.

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