| Switzerland's Engadine Valley and National Park
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The Upper Engadine Valley and the Swiss National Park

This itinerary is ideal for anyone who loves nature and alpine landscapes.

Starting from Bormio, and after passing over the Foscagno Pass 7516 feet (2291 meters), you will arrive at Livigno, called the “Little Tibet”, which is an extra-customs area. From Livigno, proceed along the road that flanks the lake until it reaches the Munt la Schera tunnel (toll), and after passing though the tunnel you will enter the Engadine valley, one of the most beautiful valleys of Switzerland and in the protected zone of the Swiss National Park. The Swiss National Park, typically alpine, extends between 4593 and 10,498 feet altitude (1400 – 3200 meters). Known for the richness of its flora and fauna and for its wild landscapes, in the Swiss National Park nature is left completely to its own course, and humans play a secondary role.

Continuing on the same road toward and over the Passo del Forno (Ofenpass) you will reach S. Maria (in Monastery Valley), where you will find the turn toward the Umbrail Pass (8202 feet/2500 meters), which connects to the Stelvio Pass road and then descends to Bormio.

Total distance: 75 miles (120 km)

Note: That during the winter season the Umbrail Pass is closed (from November to May), so it is recommended the return by way of Livigno, since the Munt la Schera Tunnel is open throughout the year.

IMPORTANT: remember to bring a document valid for international travel (identity card or passport) for both adults and children.