| Bormio to Merano over Stelvio Pass
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This beautiful itinerary can be driven in both summer and winter, albeit with some changes to changes due to the winter closure of the Umbrail and Stelvio passes.

Summer Itinerary

The summer itinerary starts from Bormio and continues along the Stelvio Pass state road toward the Pass of the same name—a road full of hairpin turns, where nature and history intersect. Just before the Stelvio pass, at the IV Cantoniera House, turn left toward the Umbrail Pass (8202 feet/2500 meters) and then descend into Monastery Valley, to arrive at Santa Maria, Switzerland, where you can stop and admire the beautiful Monastery of S. John at Müstair. Continuing eastbound, you will re-enter Italy, passing through the Italian customs and descend into the Venosta Valley, in Trentino Alto Adige. Follow the signs toward Glorenza, then continue until you reach Merano, the city of flowers on the river Passirio. Of particular interest, in addition to the historical center typical of the Belle Epoque, are the Nuove Terme and the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle.

The return to Bormio is over the Stelvio Pass Road: from Merano drive toward Prato allo Stelvio, through the fields and orchards of the Venosta Valley. After Prato allo Stelvio the climb begins, and after the 48 hairpin turns, you will reach the legendary Stelvio Pass. From the Stelvio Pass expect some 40 more switchbacks before reaching Bormio.

Total summer route: 136 miles ca.(220 km)

Winter Itinerary

The winter itinerary starts fromBormio and climbs over two passes toward Livigno. From Livigno you pass through the Munt la Schera tunnel (toll) and enter Switzerland. Turn right toward the Passo del Forno (Ofenpass), and then continue to S. Maria Monastery, Glorenza, and Merano (as described in the summer route).  However in winter, we recommend you backtrack along this same route to return to Bormio.

Total winter route: 186 miles ca. (300 km)

IMPORTANT: remember to bring a document valid for international travel (identity card or passport) for both adults and children.