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Palestina per principianti


Sondalo is an ideal health and relaxation resort for lovers of nature and relaxation thanks to its climate, healthiness and the variety of the natural landscape.

Val di Rezzalo, a natural outdoor museum

Included in the heart of the Stelvio National Park, Sondalo offers various possibilities for those who love unspoiled nature; Among paths, the queen is definitely Val di Rezzalo, a veritable open-air museum with its heritage of flora and fauna and significant examples of rural architecture.

Sondalo is also the ideal place for minerals lovers, it’s one of the richest mineralogical areas of Valtellina. Especially the stands quartz underground quarry out, one of the most important in Europe. The quartz, of high quality, is free of contaminants.

Among history, culture and great events

Very impressive to visit is also the historical center of the town, between ancient and rustic houses and churches with valuable works of art and rich frescoes attributed to the painter Giovannino da Sondalo. Without forgetting, from an architectural point of view, the “liberty” of Pineta di Sortenna, now a nursing home for religious, and the Sanatorium Village, symbol of the country’s most recent history.

Sondalo also offers a modern multi-purpose center with the Citadel of Sport and a very active cultural life including conferences, guided tours and events. Among the most prominent events, the Motoraduno Stelvio International Metzeler, the Cornat Festival (rustic focaccia made of water and flour with various sweet and savory ingredients, typical of the area) and, at Christmas, chocolate streets with Christmas markets.

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