| Traditions of Bormio: i Pasquali e il Palio delle Contrade
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/Traditions of Bormio: i Pasquali e il Palio delle Contrade

The two most important traditions of Bormio are the Palio delle Contrade (an alpine and Nordic ski race between the districts of Bormio which takes place in early February) and the Pasquali (an Easter Day procession of floats of religious themes that are carried on shoulder of groups of local residents who are dressed traditional costume).

The Bormio Districts

The common denominator of the two ski events is the healthy competition between the Districts of Bormio, the sections of town marked by a color and a symbol: Buglio, a fountain on a blue background; Combo, cat on a white background, Dossiglio, mill wheel on a green background; Dossorovina, Kuerc and Tower of the Hours on a yellow background, and Maggiore, the wolf on a red background.

During the Palio, each district seeks to recruit as many people as possible, requiring not so much sports ability as the spirit of participation. Those who participate wearing vintage clothing, with the colors of their faction, or by using ancient wood skis, earn more points that at the end will determine the final placement.

For the Pasquali, on the other hand, during the winter every district tries to build the most beautiful and meaningful float, at the religious level, to excel above all the others. Carpenters, blacksmiths, and craftsmen are called upon to give the best of themselves, both in inventiveness and in technique. In the end, a jury will decide the winner.

Do not think, however, of this as an adversarial competition, indeed the competition is absolutely sportsmanlike and always ends up with nice party with lots eating and drinking in company with all the district teams.