| The Ancient Baths of Bormio
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The Ancient Baths of Bormio

Fontium plurimorum natura mira est fervore, idque etiam in iugis Alpium (but nature is marvelous, for the heat of countless hot springs, which exists even between the high passes of the Alps): with these words, Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) refers in all probability to the natural hot springs of Bormio in his Naturalis Historia. Also, Cassiodorus (535-536 AD) spoke of Bormio’s hot springs in his works, providing further evidence of the extent to which the hot springs of Bormio and the Alta Valtellina were already well known in antiquity.

Bagni Vecchi – The Old Baths

This interesting mix of history and wellness makes the Baths of Bormio particularly fascinating. At the Bagni Vecchi, in addition to the Roman Baths, which in all probability are the originals, you will find a wide assortment of pools, baths, steam, and wellness features, including the Medieval, the Imperial, and the Archduchess, plus the unforgettable San Martino Hot Spring, which with its steam grotto, represents a unique example in the alpine area that provides a completely natural therapeutic sauna.

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Bagni Nuovi – The New Baths

On the other hand, within the new baths,  you can enjoy different “paths” through the many water and wellness features, each path focused on a different wellness objective. For regeneration, follow the Gardens of Venus path, to detoxify try the Grotta di Nettuno path, to revitalize with stimulating waters follow the Baths of Jupiter path, and to relax, follow the Baths of Hercules path.

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Bormio Terme

Bormio Terme is the complete spa resort in the heart of Bormio. A few steps from the historical center, Bormio Terme opens its doors to anyone who loves or wants to discover the pleasure of the thermal waters, which arrive headed-by-nature, from the nearby hot springs in the Alta Valtellina. Inside Bormio Terme there is a 25 meter swimming pool, hot tubs for relaxation, a waterslide of 196 feet long (60 meters), Turkish baths, a bio-sauna, and saunas.

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