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Bormio at the Heart of the Alps

Located at 4,019 feet (1225 meters) above sea level, Bormio sits in a spacious natural amphitheater at the Heart of the Alps, in Alta Valtellina, about 27 miles (60 km) from its capital city of Sondrio. Surrounded by the imposing peaks of the Rhaetian Alps, several of which exceed 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) in height, and nestled in the Stelvio National Park, Bormio boasts beautiful scenery and pristine landscapes.

Bormio is characterized by a favorable climate which allows you to enjoy the mountains in all seasons. In the winter, you can enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, and all the popular open air snow sports. In spring, summer and fall you can choose from more than 373 miles (600 km) of trails within the Stelvio National Park, to hike on foot or ride by mountain bike–and don’t forget the classic big climbs of the Passo Stelvio, Passo Gavia, and Passo Mortirolo.

A Step back in Time

Thanks to its central location along the trade routes between Northern and Southern Europe, Bormio has enjoyed a long, strong autonomy throughout its rich history that is reflected even today in its historic town center. It is easy to lose yourself among these narrow cobbled streets and alleyways, where you can find churches, palaces, and old village houses, hundreds of years old. Bormio’s past is kept alive through the local traditions that are repeated each year, and have remained unchanged for centuries.

For those who want to spend a few days of vacation in absolute relaxation, Bormio also offers thermal waters, dating back more than a thousand years, which gush from nine natural hot springs and feed three “Bath” resorts; Bagni Vecchi, Bagni Nuovi, and Bormio Terme.

And we must not overlook the wonderful flavors of the local cuisine, in Bormio and the Valtellina: Pizzoccheri, Sciatt, Bresaola, Polenta, Bisciöla, and several cheeses—all are peasant dishes which retain their historic flavors.  Of course, to accompany the local cuisine, Bormio and the Valtellina offer wonderful local Valtellina wines, beer, Braulio, Taneda, as well as other local spirits.