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The Fort Venini in Oga

The military Fort Venini in Oga, named after Captain Corrado Venini, was built to defend the main Alpine passes of the Alta Valtellina between 1908 and 1912, when a conflict with the neighboring Hapsburg Empire was about to break out in Europe.

The structure was built following the best military architecture studies of the time. Large blocks of stone were covered with a thick layer of cement and huge amounts of gravel and sand extracted from the nearby Val Cadolena. Precisely in order to bring all this material to that height, the current road that leads to Oga was built, replacing the previous mule track with very steep sections.

In addition to the solidity of the walls and its strategic position, on the summit of the Dossaccio, a thousand tricks were added that made the Fort impregnable. It also had water cisterns which, in the event of a siege, could guarantee the autonomy of its inhabitants for over a month.

During the First World War the Fort was widely exploited. After the war, the Fort was entrusted to the Guardia di Finanza and in 1935 it was expanded with the construction of the “Casermetta”, the building obtained from a stone cabin that was just before the entrance.

At the end of the thirties a company of artillerymen was stationed here, ready to put the cannons back into operation in the event of a new war. In the second world war, however, the fort did not carry out any defensive action. The cannons continued to be oiled and maintained until 1958, when they were sold by weight as scrap metal. Then the deterioration of the structure began and it accelerated by continuous looting.

The current conditions of the Fort are the result of a recovery and enhancement program that also involved the nature reserve that develops in the neighboring area.

Today, the Fort Veniniis open and can be visited both during the summer season and the winter season.

Fort Venini in Oga: opening time and address

  • From 12th September to 1st November
    Weekends | 10:00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m

For further information, please contact:

The Natural Paluaccio Reserve of Oga

The Natural Reserve Paluaccio of Oga is of particular naturalistic interest because it has the environment of peat bog, one of the few remaining in Italy. Created in 1983, the bog dates back to about 13,000 years ago and covers a surface area of more than 74 acres (30 hectares).

Inside, the bog still retains a multiplicity of environments of great naturalistic interest (bog low and intermediate, peaty meadows, grasslands in Nardo, wooded areas), including species very heterogeneous, such as the Drosera rotundifolia, a Venus Fly trap.

The aspect of the bog most easily observed, that is typical of the bog environment, are the domes outlining the humps of sphagnum moss (genus of moss in continuous growth).

During the summer season at the Natural Reserve Paluaccio, there are different activities and workshops organized for adults and children.


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