| Visiting Churches, Chapels, and Shrines
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/Visiting Churches, Chapels, and Shrines

Small treasures between tracks of the villages

Strolling through the streets of Bormio and the neighboring towns you can admire many religious buildings, in which art and faith are completely intertwined. Churches and chapels, with their rich decorations, provide testimony to the important role of religion in our society.

In the historic center of Bormio, the main square is dominated by the parish church, the Collegiate Church of SS. Gervasio e Protasio, which is the oldest in the area, and is dedicated to the patrons of the towns. Beyond the bridge of Combo, perched on a rock outcropping, stands the small Church of Sassello, and a lower down is the Church of  S. Antonio Abate or of the SS. Crocefisso (second half XIV century), where every year on 17 January, there is the blessing of the animals. The baroque Church of St.Ignatius will impress you with its interior decoration, while the Church of S. Vitale, already mentioned in 1196, is the dwelling of the Christ on Sundays. Finally, the Church of S. Spirito, has been deconsecrated, but is still very beautiful with its interior frescoes.

Discovering the valleys

To welcome you to Valdidentro is the Church of S. Gallo, in gothic-style alpine, which stands by itself in the midst of the lush meadows. In the village of Pedenosso, you will notice on a prominent rocky spur, the Church of SS. Martino and Urbano, that with its high position, dominates and protects the entire valley.

In Valdisotto near the village of Oga is the 18th century Church of the Madonna del Caravaggio, which offers an incomparable view over the whole valley surrounding Bormio. And in the village of Cepina it is worth visiting the Church of S. Maria Assunta with its beautiful Ossuary, the only one of its kind in the entire Valtellina. Also very interesting is the Church of S. Bartolomeo, spared in its perch on the mountain side overlooking the 1987 landslide that buried the Val di Pula, and destroyed everything else.

The eighteenth century Church of the Madonna della Misericordia, in the village of Uzza, welcomes those traveling from Bormio toward the Valfurva. Also very beautiful is the Church of the SS.Trinity in the village of Teregua, with its bell tower, typical of country churches.



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