| Palio: Bormio's 5 Medieval Districts Race Each Other
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The Palio delle Contrade: an healty competition among Bormio's five districts


The historical sports challenge among Bormio’s five districts.

During the first week of February, here’s the “Palio delle Contrade”, one of the most popular sports competitions of Bormio.

It is the healthy competition between the Districts of Bormio, the sections of town marked by a color and a symbol: Buglio, a fountain on a blue background; Combo, cat on a white background, Dossiglio, mill wheel on a green background; Dossorovina, Kuerc and Tower of the Hours on a yellow background and Maggiore, the wolf on a red background.

During the Palio delle Contrade, each district seeks to recruit as many people as possible, requiring not so much sports ability as the spirit of participation. Those who  participate wearing vintage clothing, with the colors of their faction, or by using ancient wood skis, earn more points that at the end will determine the final placement.

The competition has downhill and cross country races, both for Bocia (children) and Granc (adults).
At the end of the Palio delle Contrade there is the final party with prize giving and dance party.