| Traditional Events and Folklore
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/Traditional Events and Folklore

The millenary history of Bormio and its valleys is witnessed by, in addition to the art, the palaces, churches and museums, the traditional events that have their roots in the past, and which are preserved and incorporated into the present, with an eye to future generations. The folklore, the feasts, and in some cases, even the competitions are all elements that make it possible for these traditions to  be still very much alive among the inhabitants of the Bormio area, who have the desire to share these traditions with holidaymakers and tourists.

Between religion and superstition

The most important traditional event in Bormio, is the Pasquali (a special parade), takes place each year on Easter, and certainly has a strong religious imprint. Other traditions, on the other hand, have their roots in superstition and legend, such as the Gabinat (6 January), L’è fora genejron (31 January), and L’è fòra l’ors de la tana (2 February).

The Carneval di Mat (the last Sunday of Carnival) was born as an irreverent moment of challenge to the (devine) power, and the Palio delle Contrade (February), put into (healthy) competition the 5 districts of Bormio, which faced each other on skis.

Traditions and daily life

Others, such as the Blessing of the animals (17 January), the Serra (when there was a marriage) or the trade fairs (19 June and beginning of October) were linked to everyday life, to the family, to the animals, and to commerce.