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There is an excellent resource available to help you better plan your routes: through the website you will have the opportunity to explore online the set of navigable maps.

Alta Valtellina Outdoor

This website service allows to organize the outings within the territory of the Alta Valtellina in several ways:

  1. You may chose among the classic routes, as recommended by the system.
  2. You can  create your own route through a guided process using the Creazione Guidata (Creation Wizard).
  3. You can create a route by choosing waypoints by clicking directly on the map using the “Percorso Fai da Te” (Do it yourself route).
  4. You can select from the Percorsi Preferiti (preferred routes)where previously created routes have been saved.

Using the website it is possible to calculate the route, obtain the complete roadbook, locate points of interest and tourist services in the territory traversed, view pictures and videos, and to download the data ready for loading into a GPS unit.

Snowshoe trails

Here’re some suggested trails for snowshoeing:

Contact the Alpine Guides for an excursion


sentiero valtellina 900

Sentiero Valtellina, your bike adventure from the mountain to the lake.

Sentiero Valtellina

Itinerary: Santa Caterina Valfurva – Monti di Sclanera

Path of Sclanera

Itinerary: the “Polveriera”

The “Polveriera”

Itinerary: from Planecc to the Ski stadium

From Planecc to the Ski Stadium

Itinerary: Pezzel del Maestro

Pezzel del Maestro

Itinerary: Santa Caterina – Sell – Tov – Santa Caterina

Chapel Path

Itinerary: Road of the Wood

Road of the Wood

Itinerary: Santa Caterina – Localita’ Speluga – Linanza – Ceisa – Bacero – Monich – Ables

Path of the Ables

Itinerary: Oga – Tadè

Oga – Tadè

Itinerary: Isolaccia – Pezzel – Isolaccia