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What fascinates those who spend a holiday in Bormio during the winter is the intimate and cozy feeling of the town, and the white, snow covered nature that surrounds it. Situated in a splendid natural basin, Bormio retains much of its historic flavor and beauty which make it special in the eyes of those seeking an authentic alpine resort, where one can take long and relaxing walks or short excursions.

The snowshoeing and nature

In Bormio the winter days can be especially enjoyable when one is outside, in the open air, and walking with snowshoes. There are many itineraries to discover, while fitted with snowshoes that prevent you from sinking into the white blanket of newly fallen snow.

The magic of moving in the profound silence of the surrounding nature, accompanied only by the noise of your own snowshoe steps as you walk on the snow, opens a unique dimension to hiking.

Many itineraries for the snowshoes

In Bormio and the surrounding area there are many opportunities for hiking with snowshoes. For those who want to experience snowshoeing for the first time, you can rent everything you need—snowshoes and poles—in a number of sports shops in the area. In Santa Caterina Valfurva, for example, there are several paths specifically designed for those new to snowshoeing.

Discover the suggested trails for snowshoeing!



sentiero valtellina 900

Sentiero Valtellina, your bike adventure from the mountain to the lake.

Sentiero Valtellina

Itinerary: Santa Caterina Valfurva – Monti di Sclanera

Path of Sclanera

Itinerary: the “Polveriera”

The “Polveriera”

Itinerary: from Planecc to the Ski stadium

From Planecc to the Ski Stadium

Itinerary: Pezzel del Maestro

Pezzel del Maestro

Itinerary: Santa Caterina – Sell – Tov – Santa Caterina

Chapel Path

Itinerary: Road of the Wood

Road of the Wood

Itinerary: Santa Caterina – Localita’ Speluga – Linanza – Ceisa – Bacero – Monich – Ables

Path of the Ables

Itinerary: Oga – Tadè

Oga – Tadè

Itinerary: Isolaccia – Pezzel – Isolaccia