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In recent years the discipline of freeride has spread throughout the Alps. Freeride, which is descending spotless, untracked slopes with skis or snowboard, typically far away from the groomed slopes of ski resorts. For the lovers of freeride, Bormio has large areas dedicated to this discipline, that are easily accessible by lift, provided one uses the equipment required for fun and safety. These huge freeride zones are adjacent to the groomed slopes, and directly connected in places, permitting freeriders to mix runs between in-bounds and the pure white powder and forests of the freeride zones.

For those who are not familiar with Bormio’s freeride areas, experienced alpine guides and ski instructors are available for your first freeride outings in fresh snow on the slopes of Bormio, Santa Caterina, Valdidentro, and Valdisotto.

Freeride Skiing in Bormio: where to do it


With over 3,000 meters of altitude the Vallecetta Mont, the Freeride Paradise with heavy snowfalls and great snow quality is a spectacular spot to practice freeriding. In this area you mainly have two possibile itineraries: “The Classic” and “The Cross”. Both give great satisfaction within a silent and uncontaminated environment.


The Skiers’ Spot offers two itineraries very exciting and evocative within 2,700-2,000 meters. Skiing in the woods will awaken old time sensations and will make you go back to childhood!

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Equipment for the freeride

In addition to checking your personal equipment, the freerider should always verify that he has the safety equipment required for this sport. The main danger is represented by the possibility that snow slides or avalanches might occur on the slopes. At a minimum the freerider must carry a beacon (avalanche transceiver), a shovel, and a probe—and must know how to use these tools in an emergency situation, to detect and extract as quickly as possible, a companion who is buried by an avalanche.

Always Consult the Avalanch Bulletin

Before making any freeride outing, it’s important to understand the conditions of the snow. In Bormio, there is the Nivometeorologico Center (Snow Weather Center) which emits periodic bulletins on snow conditions, assigning different degrees of danger. The degrees vary from 1, which indicates conditions are generally safe for off-trail trips, to 5, which indicates that off-trail trips are not possible.


Do you want to learn to ski or improve your skills? In Bormio 150 ski & snowboard instructors are waiting for you!

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