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Bormio is one of the few alpine resorts in Italy to have an indoor rink for curling, and where it is possible to try this special and fun sport. In addition to providing you with the basic concepts and the necessary equipment, the Curling Group of Bormio will help you to take your first steps on the ice.

Curling, between history and myth

Curling was probably invented in Scotland during the XVI century, as evidenced by the discovery of a stone in an old pond of Dunblane dated from 1511. Today, this sport has a strong following in Canada, Switzerland, and in the countries of Northern Europe. And, thanks to the latest editions of the Olympic Games which exhibited Curling’s special features, it has become known in Italy, and although not yet widespread, we recommend you try a game—you will have a blast.

Stones and brooms to reach the house

Each team is composed of four players, who must launch heavy stones of polished granite toward the “house”, which is a series of concentric rings of different color painted on the ice at the opposite side of the rink. The winner is the one whose stone is the closest to the center of the house. To help one another, while member of the team launches the stone, the others with small brooms clean the ice to adjust the stone’s speed and direction. To allow the stones to slide with the least possible friction, the ice is prepared and leveled with care and attention.

Opening, prices and reservations

Curling in Bormio: from the end of November until the end of the winter season.

Morning: € 30;
Afternoon: € 40;
Evening: € 50

Info and Reservations: Tel. +39 329 2162072 / +39 366 8970996