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Nordic walking is a sport born recently, and one that is spreading rapidly among all those who love trekking and hiking in the mountains. Bormio and the Alta Valtellina, thanks to the presence of over 372 miles (600km) of trails, mule tracks, and forest service roads within the Stelvio National Parkoffer a wide choice itineraries, starting from an elevation of 4019 feet (1225 meters) and climbing up to reach the highest peaks—at over 9842 feet (3000 meters).

Complete Training and fun

The particularity of Nordic walking is that while walking, one makes use of poles, similar to those for cross-country skiing, and in this way, the movement involves 90% of the body muscles, training not only the legs, but also the muscle groups of the chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders, abdominals, and spine, which is absent in normal walking.

Alone or in company

For Nordic walking, the truth is that one does not need to be a gifted athlete. It only takes a pair of good walking shoes, the poles, and above all, a great desire to walk outside and to enjoy nature. You can practice Nordic walking by yourself, following the signs and maps of the routes, or in the company of a qualified instructor. During the summer season, there are organized guided tours of varying degrees of difficulty, suitable for both beginners and experts.



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