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Fishing for trout and char

For those who love fishing, the Alta Valtellina is the ideal place, and you can try to catch brown trout, rainbow, marble, grayling, and char in many of the local rivers and lakes.

From April to October, in rivers and lakes of the Valtellina, everyone from children to adults, and from novices to experienced fishermen, will be put to the test with rod and reel in traditional fishing and well asfly-fishing and no-kill.

However, some areas have restricted dates when fishing is permitted, and most areas require a daily or seasonal fishing license. The tourist offices in the Alta Valtellina can provide you with information on any specific fishing regulations and closed areas, and also have the daily and seasonal fishing licenses available for sale.

Typically, you must hold a B fishing license (23,00 Euro to pay in post). We recommend that you consult the Fishing Regulations for the  waters of the Province of Sondrio, which you can find on the website of the Unione Pesca Sportiva della Provincia di Sondrio.

Lake Scale and the “Sabloneira”

It is possible to fish (traditional fishing, fly fishing, and no-kill) during the summer and autumn in Lake Scale, which is the first lake you pass after the Towers of Fraele when driving from Bormio and Valdidentro, just before the lakes of Cancano. Lake Scale is a private fishing lake and requires a special permit, which can be purchased at the office near the lake.

The Sabloneira is a private fishing pond and restaurant in Bormio, located at the top (east end) of the pedestrian walkway Via Walter Tobagi, immediately to the south of the stream Frodolfo. Stocked with farmed trout and salmon, this convenient pond allows one to approach the world of sport fishing in quick and easy way. Also available is a rod rental service, which includes bait, plus there are barbecues and a bar. The Sabloneira is open during the summer and autumn.