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The magic of the Husky Village even in summer

Husky Trekking is the summer version of the dog sledding that is practiced in the winter.

The Italian Center Sled dog Husky Village, with its headquarters in Arnoga, in Valdidentro, provides a new type of excursion accompanied by Alaskan huskies, during the summer season.

Ready to get in gear

The Husky Trekking is a new discipline: every participant will wear a harness connected to your own dog with a tow line (a rope of approximately 2 meters). Then, in response to your commands, your dog will help you to walk—and actually facilitate your walking. (You will be taught the commands before departing). Always accompanied by two instructors, with one positioned in front of the column and the other closing it, you can enjoy the beauty of the woods and pastures of the Stelvio National Park.

Excursions, can be arranged either individual or in groups, with group size limited to 10 people. These excursions are open to everyone: from the children of 8 years and older to the elderly.  It is possible to organize introductory excursions of 1 hour, advanced excursions of 3 hours, and educational excursions for schools or larger groups.

The emotion of the sled dogs

In the winter, it is possible to organize outings of dog sledding: where each participant will lead a sled with his own dogs, including give the team of dogs the appropriate commands. Suitable for all ages, children, the disabled, or anyone not wishing to drive his own dog sled, can travel on a sled driven by an instructor.