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Immerso nel verde a Valdisotto, vicino a Bormio, ecco la pista per i go kart!


The Kartdromo of Capitania, speed at 2 km from Bormio

Aspiring race drivers who are enthusiasts of karting will not be disappointed by the go kart track of Capitania, Valdisotto, two kilometers from Bormio. Open to everyone, both adults and children, the kart track allows even those who are trying this sport for the first time to experience the exhilaration of speed in complete safety.

Running in safety

Immersed in the greenery of Valdisotto, in a quiet location in the village of Capitania, everything is organized in the best possible way for the lovers of engines: the track is prepared and properly maintained, and it has all the safety measures to ensure that you will have fun without danger.

Within the complex there is the go kart rental, or if you have your own go kart fitted with a regular muffler, you can still access the track.

The Kart centeralso offers several services for your enjoyment, including a café/snack bar immersed in the garden near the track, providing an ideal space to relax between races.

The Kart center is open during the summer season, from June to September, plus on Autumn weekends. Special hours for group events are available upon request.