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Off-road vehicle trips provide a convenient way for everyone to discover the beautiful valleys of the Stelvio National Park, while comfortably seated on board a jeep.

The photo safari, close contact with animals

Deer, chamois, ibex, squirrels, hares, ermine, and marmots are some of the true stars of the Stelvio National Park, but above all, quite literally, are the eagles and the bearded vultures. Observing these animals up close and in their natural environment, is one of the most intense and moving experiences that you can have. And in the valleys around Bormio, in particular the Val Zebrù, Val Cedec, Gavia Valley, plus in the area of the Stelvio Trincerone, are perfect destinations for those in search of these animals, and the emotion of seeing them.

Day and evening Trips with dinner in the refuge

During the summer season, for who do not wish to hike on foot, or cannot do so, it is possible to have tourist offices of Bormio and S. Caterina Valfurva organize off-road vehicle trips, during daytime or evening, accompanied by drivers/guides who, in addition to giving you valuable information about the area, will help you to spot the animals.

And, during the evening tours, it is recommended to schedule stopping for dinner in a rifugio (refuge/hut), where you can enjoy the excellent Valtellina wines and mountain cuisine.

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