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The Scenic Val Zebrù

Niblogo – Val Zebrù – Baite Campo – Costantini – Cavallaro – Niblogo (trail S529 / S526 / S527)

From the hamlet of Niblogo, in the village Madonna dei Monti (Our Lady of the Mountains), follow the mule track S529 until you will reach the bridge of Peceneccia. Then turn left and climb toward Val Zebrù on the forest service road, keeping the stream on your left. The forest service road is easy, with the first part surrounded by forests, then the forests become interspersed with deep valleys and green meadows where you can find the typical wooden baite (seasonal huts). The valley is home to many ungulates, as well as the bearded vulture. After reaching the Baite di Campo, climb up to the right along a steep trail with many switchbacks to arrive at the fork for the bivouac Costantini. Continue to the right on trail S526, which traverses the side of the valley to the huts of Cavallaro. From here you descend steeply on trail 527, which eventually rejoins the forest service road near the Ristoro Zebrù. From there you can return to the hamlet of Niblogo.

Length 11.3 miles (18.3 km) – Hiking Time 6 h 10 min. – Difficulty: Average – Max. Altitude: 7769 feet (2368 meters) – Climb 2513 feet (766 meters)

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Val Forni – High Glacier Trail

Rifugio Forni – Sentiero Glaciologico Alto – Ponti Tibetani – Rifugio Branca – Rifugio Forni (trail S524 / S530)

From Rifugio Forni follow trail S524 on the right side (when facing upstream) of the stream Frodolfo and turn right along the Sentiero Glaciologico Alto (high glacier trail), which is marked by a yellow triangle. The trail is very scenic, and along its length has forts and ruins from World War I. After you have reached Rifugio Branca, return to Rifugio Forni along the forest service road S530.
This itinerary was created in 1995 to commemorate the centennial of the founding of the Italian Glacier Committee.

Length 5.3 miles (8.5 km) – Hiking Time 3 h 23 min. – Difficulty: Average – Climb 1571 feet (479 meters)


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