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Scenic View of the Val Viola

Hotel Viola – Baite Cagnol – Sattarona – Soleir-Funera – Stagimei-Arnoga (trails N148 / N128 / N290)

Depart Bormio along the SS 301 toward Livigno. In the village of Arnoga, in front of the hotel Viola, follow trail N148 that, after two uphill hairpin turns reaches the Baite Cagnol. This uphill trail, initially in the woods and then along the pastures, offers a splendid view of the surrounding mountains: S. Colombano, Cima Piazzi, Corno Sinigaglia, Corno Dosdè and Cima Viola. At a fork in the trail in the village of Soleir, turn uphill and follow an unmarked trail until the village Sattarona from where there is a splendid view on the valley and toward the Val di Verva. From here, follow trail N128 which, after Stagimei, continues downhill between pastures and meadows. The return to Arnoga is along trail N290, the main trail in the Val Viola.

Length 6.8 miles (11 km) – Hiking Time 3 h 32 min. – Difficulty: Easy – Max. Altitude: 7.798 feet (2.377 meters) – Climb 1630 feet (497 meters)

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Around the Lakes of Cancano

Ristoro Monte Scale-Ristoro San Giacomo-Ristoro Val Fraele-Ristoro Monte Scale – (trail N199)

Starting from the Ristoro Monte Scale we will follow the almost level unpaved road N199 in a clockwise direction around the lakes of Cancano and S. Giacomo. First, you will pass by the Cancano dam, built between 1953 and 1956, which receives water from the dam of S. Giacomo and the water from the Val Viola. Construction of the dam of S. Giacomo di Fraele began in 1940, but due to the outbreak of World War II was completed in 1950. This second dam is fed from the canal of the Spöl River, by the Adda River, and many streams flowing into the area. The itinerary continues around lake S. Giacomo and Lake Cancano, then crosses the Cancano dam to return to the starting point at Ristoro Monte Scale.

Length 10.4 miles (16.8 km) – Hiking Time 4 h 27 min. – Difficulty: Easy – Max. Altitude: 6.496 feet (1980 meters) – Climb 114 feet (35 meters)

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Starting from the lakes of Cancano and S. Giacomo, there are many more itineraries, of which we’ll describe two:

  1. From the Towers of Fraele, the two medieval towers which are located to guard the pass to Valdidentro, you can reach the Croce del Monte Scale  by following the mule track N197.1, which is fairly challenging, or by following trail N197 which climbs the opposite side of Monte Scale starting at the far end of Lake Monte Scale.
  2. Starting from the second dam, S. Giacomo, it is possible to traverse the entire length of Val Alpisella, by following trails N138 and N138.1, which take you from the lake to the headwaters of the Adda River, and from there you descend to Livigno.


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