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Filon del Mot

Passo Stelvio-Monte Scorluzzo – Filon del Mot – Malga Scorluzzo-3rd Cantoniera (trail S506 / S505)

From Stelvio Pass take trail S506 that leads to the Platigliole plateau and to the top of Monte Scorluzzo (10154 feet/3095 meters). From the summit, you descend the southwest ridge along a path where are visible remains of the Austrian defenses built during the First World War. After passing the last Austrian outpost, you enter the “no man’s land” until you arrive at the first Italian fortification. The trail continues along the ridge up to a little cairn made of stones. From here, among walkways and trenches of dry-stacked stone, you have a spectacular view of the Valle dei Vitelli (valley of calves). After a short descent, you will reach a small fortress and barracks for the alpine troops and, among the remains of huts you join a trail that descends to the Malga Scorluzzo, andthen continue along the trail S505 down to the 3rd Cantoniera.

Length 5.1 miles (8.3 km) – Hiking Time 2 h 52 min. – Difficulty: Average – Max. Altitude: 10101 feet (3079 meters) – Climb 2559 feet (780 meters)

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The three huts (Le Tre Baracche)

2nd Cantoniera-Le Buse-Fortini Alti-Dosso Fornace- Le Tre Baracche (trail S505)

From Bormio climb the SS 38 toward the Stelvio Pass until you reach the hairpin turn above the 2nd Cantoniera (house for road workers many years ago). Park your carand climb trail S505 heading toward the Valle dei Vitelli. Pass the stream, and at the junction, proceed straight toward Le Buse, where during World War I there was a military village defended by a complex of trenches dug into the ridge. Two artillery posts in caves were aimed at the the Stelvio Pass Road and at the Valle dei Vitelli to prevent attacks by the Austrian troops. From Le Buse continue to traverse along the slopes of the Glandadura until you reach Pian Di Pecci, where at the junction, you ignore the trail to your right that leads to the 1st Cantoniera, and continue to the left until the panoramic Passo del Crap dell’Aquila, from which a trail descends to the SS 38 (Stelvio Pass Road) near the locality Palone.

Length 5.5 miles (8.9 km) – Hiking Time 3 h 14 min. – Difficulty: Average – Max. Altitude: 8057 feet (2456 meters) – Climb 2795 (852 meters)

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