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Foothills of the Reit

Pravasivo-Ca Bianca-Giardin-Teregua (trail S533 / S511 / S531)

This itinerary is characterized by short ups and downs, and traverses the Bormio side of monte Reit within a larch forest (hence the etymology, La Reit, lariceto, The Reit). Starting from Pravasivo (on the SS 38 of the Stelvio, 0.62 miles/1 km below the Bagni Vecchi), you reach the town of Teregua, in the municipality of Valfurva, where there are numerous possible options to return to Bormio or continue on other trails.

Length 4.1 miles (6.7 km) – Difficulty: Medium – Hiking Time 1 h 51 min. – Max. Altitude: 5147 feet (1569 meters) – Climb 2969 feet (905 meters)

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In the village of Ca’ Bianca, you can take the trail S532 which leads to the Cross of the Reit on a path well marked, even if quite steep in some sections, and characterized by numbered switchbacks on the trail. From the Cross, and you can enjoy a spectacular panorama of the valley, from Bormio to Valdisotto, Valdidentro, and Valfurva.

Tour of Vallecetta

Bormio-gondola to Bormio 2000 – cablecar to Bormio 3000-I Bei Laghetti-Sobretta-Pozzo dell’Acqua-Bormio 2000-Bormio (trails S541 / S518 / S543.2)

From Bormio take the ski lifts up to Bormio 2000 (gondola) and continue to Bormio 3000 (tram). Follow trail S541, a trail (very technical for bikers) that descends toward the Bei Laghetti until you reach Bocca di Profa (a wide trail but at times covered with large stones). At the Bei Laghetti, all ten of them, the trail becomes narrower, but is less rough. At the Bocca di Profa, turn left and follow trail S518 (at times steep) until you reach the dirt road to the Monti of Sobretta. Continue on trail S543.2 until you reach Bormio 2000, passing by Pozzo dell’Acqua de Fontanalonga.

Length 9.6 miles (15.4 km) – Difficulty: Medium – Hiking Time 4 h 15 min. – Max. Altitude: 9842 feet (3000 meters) – Climb 3477 feet (1060 meters)

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